Terms of Service

Chengdu Seasun Corp Ltd (referred as Crasheye throughout the Site) agrees to offer integrated quality tracking solution platform services (referred as Quality Tracking Services throughout the Site) based on the terms of this Agreement and the amendments posted on the Site time to time. You agree to these terms by following the instructions to create your own Crasheye account. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of the Agreement, click [Agree].


1. Please be sure that the personal/corporate/team information provided is true and correct when using Crasheye. The information includes but is not limited to username, login password, user’s real name, I.D. number, corporate name and registration number. Personal data shall be accurate and, when necessary, kept up to date. In order to use the Quality Tracking Services provided by Crasheye, you must register an account following the instructions and guarantee the information given is true and valid.

2. Crasheye users include but are not limited to: companies, small development teams and indie developers.

3. Security of account and password: After your account is created, you will be assigned a unique account, and the password shall be kept by yourself. You are solely responsible and liable to keep your account and password confidential. You are responsible for the activities that happen on or through your Crasheye Account. You can follow the given instruction to modify your password at any time. You shall agree that any requests from third-party applications with the account and password confirmed shall be deemed as having been fully and completely authorized by the user, and the corresponding consequences shall be assumed by the user.Crasheye shall not be responsible or liable for any violation of your account and password resulting from your improper use. The circumstances of improper use include but are not limited to: telling others your account, password and other registration information; sharing your account with others; installing any malicious applications.

4. Create new app: After registration, you can start to create your own app following the below instructions:

  • 1. Log in Crasheye to access admin panel.
  • 2. Click the profile picture at the upper right corner of the page, and select [my apps] in the popup menu to access the list of your apps.
  • 3. Click [new] in app list page.
  • 4. Name your app and choose a platform in the popup box. Click [yes]. A new app is created.

Use of Service

5. The following restrictions apply to the use of the Quality Tracking Services:

  • (1) You shall comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the People's Republic of China.
  • (2) You shall comply with Crasheye’s Intellectual Property Policy.
  • (3) You shall comply with all network protocols, regulations and procedures related to Crasheye Quality Tracking Services.
  • (4) You shall not use Crasheye Quality Tracking Services for any illegal purposes.
  • (5) You shall not use Crasheye Quality Tracking Services to disturb or interfere network service.
  • (6) You shall not commit any act that may adversely affect Crasheye.
  • (7) You shall not, and shall not attempt to reverse code engineering, decompile, and disassemble, or plagiarize and copy the design of this website out of ill intention.
  • (8) You shall not maliciously attack Crasheye system nor adopt malicious methods to invoke exceptions.
  • (9) If you think your account may be compromised, or is under threat of being compromised, please contact us immediately. Any violation of these rules or guidelines may result in disciplinary actions, and we reserve the right to claim for compensation for damages by law.

6. Crasheye Quality Tracking Services are free for now. Any update and change regarding charging issue will be posted on our website. Please check this page periodically for changes.

Intellectual Property

7. All intellectual properties related to Crasheye, including but not limited to the application, source code, logo, user interface and icon, are owned by Crasheye and/or Crasheye affiliated companies (affiliated companies means any legal entity controlled by, controlling, or under direct or indirect control with Crasheye; control means direct or indirect ownership of more than 50% in decision making and management, by votes, contracts or other methods) and/or related owners of the intellectual property. The copyright, patent right and other intellectual properties applied in Crasheye Quality Tracking Services are owned by Crasheye and/or Crasheye affiliated companies, except as expressly specified in other statements. The copyright, ownership and other intellectual properties of trademarks applied in Crasheye Quality Tracking Services, like the term Crasheye, are owned by Crasheye and/or Crasheye affiliated companies. You agree that you have read, understood, and will comply with the contents of the Agreement and the website of the obligee (http://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular) when using Crasheye Quality Tracking Services.

No portion of the Services shall be reproduced in any form or by any means, except as expressly permitted by Crasheye or the obligee (http://www.crasheye.cn, http://www.testplus.us).

9. You shall not interfere or disturb Crasheye services using methods other than the interfaces or instructions that we provide (e.g. malicious data intervention) except as expressly authorized by Crasheye in written permission. You shall not use software other than Crasheye to capture Crasheye data. Otherwise, Crasheye will claim for our losses by law.

10. You shall not infringe the intellectual properties of third parties, otherwise you shall bear the legal responsibility.


11. You understand and agree that Crasheye Quality Tracking Services are guaranteed by the supplier to be available during specified times except when uncontrollable forces produce outages. Uncontrollable forces mean any causes that shape event, including but not limited to natural disasters like flood, earthquake, plague and storm, political activities like war, riot, civil disturbance, and breakdown, and could not reasonably have been anticipated, avoided, and overcome. Under any of the above-mentioned circumstances, Crasheye shall be liable to restore services at the first moment with related organizations.

Under the following circumstances permitted by law, Crasheye bears no responsibility for service outage and interruption:

  • 1. Computer virus and Trojan horse attacks by malicious software or hackers;
  • 2. Failures on software, hardware, operating system or communication on user end or Crasheye end;
  • 3. Improper operation and breakdown on user end;
  • 4. Using Crasheye Quality Tracking Services with any method not expressly permitted by Crasheye;
  • 5. Software breakdown caused by using Crasheye Quality Tracking Services;
  • 6. Other exceptional circumstances which could not reasonably have been avoided and anticipated.

12. To the greatest extent permitted by law, Crasheye hereby disclaims any and all representation or warranties, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to any representations or warranties regarding applicability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, being free of virus and functionality.

13. To the greatest extent permitted by law, no warranty of any kind is made that products and services Crasheye provides will meet your expectations and encounter no interruption, delay, security problems, errors, and that information obtained from your use will be delivered accurately, timely and smoothly.

14. To the greatest extent permitted by law, Crasheye bears no responsibility or liability for any incidental, indirect, special damage or request of any kind related to Crasheye products and services caused by the user (including but not limited to any compensation for bodily injury, privacy leak, failing to be honest or cautious, fault, pecuniary loss and any other loss).

15. Crasheye reserves the right to optimize the utilization of servers, in means that include but are not limited to server merge, and bears no responsibility for losses caused by that.

Service Modification, Suspension and Termination

16. We are constantly updating our services, which means sometimes we have to stop the servers to maintain Crasheye. We appreciate your patience and understanding for the scheduled service outage and termination. We attempt to prevent outage and termination of services or restore the services in the shortest possible time.

17. In any of the following circumstances, Crasheye reserves the right to terminate your access to any or all of Crasheye Quality Tracking Services at any time without notice. Crasheye bears no responsibility for the consequences arising therefrom.

  • (1) Periodic maintenance, software or hardware upgrades. Crasheye reserves the right to stop the services and will restore the services in the shortest possible time;
  • (2) The servers are damaged and not functioning properly;
  • (3) Sudden failure of software, hardware or electronic communication devices;
  • (4) Communication line failures or other destruction;
  • (5) Maintaining national security and personal safety of other users under all conditions of emergency;
  • (6) Uncontrollable forces and other reasons from third parties.

18. Except the circumstances mentioned above, you agree that Crasheye reserves the right to interrupt or terminate any or all of the Quality Tracking Services by posting notices on official website 30 days before (in case there exists any other special provision in any other laws regarding the time limit and the time limit is longer than that in the terms, such provision shall prevail over any inconsistent terms herein). You understand the right granted above and acknowledge that the terms may result in a direct or indirect loss of interest for yourself and third parties. Herein you agree that Crasheye bears no responsibility for exercising the right to interrupt or terminate the services unilaterally.

Privacy Protection

19. Privacy protection is one of the basic policies in Crasheye. Crasheye promises that your application information, the personal data and product information that are stored in Crasheye when using Services remain credential, except in the following circumstances:

  • 1. Obtaining expressed consent from the user in advance;
  • 2. As required by relevant regulations and laws;
  • 3. As required by relevant government authorities;
  • 4. In order to protect the interest of general public;
  • 5. In order to maintain the legal interest of Crasheye;

20. You agree that Crasheye may cooperate with third parties as is necessary to provide Quality Tracking Services for users. Under such circumstances, if such third party agrees to undertake the obligation of user privacy protection equivalent to those stated herein, Crasheye shall have the right to provide the materials stored in Crasheye by any user during use of the Services hereunder for such third party.

21. You agree that Crasheye has the right to analyze and commercialize non-personally identifiable data or information (by means that include but are not limited to publishing, analyzing and using user data like visits, visiting period and user preference in any other methods) resulting from your or any Crasheye user's use on the premise that the data or information collected does not identify an entity or natural person as the source thereof.

Modifications or Amendments to the Terms of the Agreement

22. We may modify these terms occasionally. If we do, we will post notices of these modifications on the Site.

23. If you don’t agree with (or cannot comply with) the modifications, you have the right to cancel your Services. You are deemed to have accepted the modification of the terms if you do not voluntarily cancel the Services 15 days after the notice is posted; you are deemed to have accepted the modification of the terms if you continue to use the products and services Crasheye provides after the notice is posted on the Site. The term Voluntarily Cancel the Services, as specified in relevant agreements and terms of Services for certain service, means the user voluntarily calls the official Customer Service of Crasheye to expressly inform them to cancel the Services. The Email address of Customer Service of Crasheye: crasheye@kingsoft.com.

Notices and Posts

24. All notices, including modifications of terms of Agreement, changes of Services and other service announcement of important events, are delivered by posting such changes on main pages or e-mails or letters. You shall be deemed to have received any notice on the day such notice has been delivered.

Governing Law

25. Construction, execution and dispute shall all be governed by the laws of People’s Republic of China.

26. Any dispute arising from the terms and the execution of such terms shall be settled through friendly negotiation. You and Crasheye both agree that if the dispute cannot be settled through friendly negotiation it shall be submitted to the court of jurisdiction where the network operator is.


27. If any portion of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms of this Agreement shall remain enforceable.

28. If there are any comments and suggestions about the terms and the Services, please feel free to contact the Customer Service Department of Crasheye. The E-mail address is crasheye@kingsoft.com. We are at your service.